Vodafone SMS Short codes for Activating/De-Activating services

Most of the time we call customer care just to activate or de-activate a service. Sometimes, a service gets activated by accident, like caller tunes because of automated IVR-based calls. Here is the list of shortcodes for Vodafone to activate or de-activate a particular service:

National Roaming ACT NR CAN NR
Vodafone Roaming ACT VR CAN VR
Basic International Roaming ACT BIR CAN BIR
Itemized Billing ACT IB CAN IB
Mobile Connect 199 (Postpaid) ACT VMC199 CAN VMC199
Call Conference ACT CC CAN CC
Call Forwarding ACT CF CAN CF
Vodafone Live! ACT VL CAN VL
Caller Tunes ACT CT CAN CT

You need to send this code to the Toll-Free number 111. Pre Paid customers need to send the code to 144 depending on service, which I am not sure about. Since both are toll-free, you can have a try with both of them! If one doesn’t workout try another one!

Vodafone SMS short codes are a convenient and efficient way for Vodafone subscribers to access various services, receive information and interact with businesses or organizations using short numerical codes. These shortcodes typically consist of four to six digits and are designed to provide quick and easy communication between users and service providers. In this article, we will explore the concept of Vodafone SMS short codes, their uses, and how they benefit users.

how to deactivate caller tune in vodafone postpaid

Understanding Vodafone SMS Short Codes

Vodafone SMS short codes are abbreviated numerical codes used to send and receive text messages within the Vodafone network. These codes are typically shorter than regular phone numbers, making them easy to remember and dial. Each shortcode corresponds to a specific service, information, or functionality offered by Vodafone or its partner organizations.

Uses of Vodafone SMS Short Codes 2.1 Information Services: Vodafone SMS short codes are commonly used to obtain information on various topics such as weather updates, news, sports scores, stock prices, horoscopes, and more. Users can simply send a text message to the designated short code and receive the desired information instantly.

Service Activation

Short codes are also used to activate or deactivate specific services or features provided by Vodafone. For example, users can use a short code to activate international roaming, subscribe to value-added services, manage call forwarding, or enable data packages.

Voting and Contests

Shortcodes play a significant role in interactive campaigns such as voting for reality shows, competitions, or surveys. Participants can send their votes or responses to specific shortcodes, allowing for real-time engagement and instant feedback.

Customer Support

Vodafone SMS short codes provide a convenient way for users to reach customer support. By sending a text message to a designated short code, subscribers can initiate support requests, inquire about billing or account information, and receive assistance from the customer service team.

Marketing and Promotions

Businesses and organizations often utilize Vodafone SMS short codes for marketing and promotional purposes. By opting in to receive messages from specific shortcodes, users can stay informed about product updates, special offers, discounts, and upcoming events.

Benefits of Vodafone SMS Short Codes 3.1 Convenience

Vodafone SMS short codes offer a quick and hassle-free method of accessing information or services. With just a few keystrokes, users can send a text message to a short code and receive relevant information or perform actions without the need for lengthy phone calls or browsing the internet.

Speed and Efficiency

Shortcodes enable near-instantaneous communication. Messages sent to shortcodes are processed and responded to automatically or by a dedicated team, ensuring swift delivery of information or activation of services.

Easy to Remember

Unlike traditional phone numbers, Vodafone SMS short codes are designed to be short and memorable. This makes it easier for users to recall the codes and initiate interactions quickly whenever needed.

Wide Range of Services

Vodafone SMS short codes cater to diverse needs and preferences. From general information services to customer support and interactive campaigns, shortcodes provide access to a wide array of services, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.


Sending text messages to short codes typically incurs standard messaging rates, which are often lower than making phone calls or using data services. This makes Vodafone SMS short codes a cost-effective option for accessing information or engaging with services.

How to deactivate caller tune in Vodafone postpaid

  • Call Customer Care: Dial the Vodafone customer care number from your Vodafone postpaid number. The customer care number may vary depending on your location. You can find the correct customer care number for your region on the Vodafone website or by contacting their support.
  • Follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Once you are connected to the customer care service, listen to the IVR options and select the appropriate option for managing or deactivating services. The IVR system may prompt you to press a specific number or say a particular keyword to proceed.
  • Choose Caller Tune Deactivation: After selecting the relevant service management option, the IVR system will provide you with a list of available services. Look for the option related to caller tunes or personalized ringback tones and choose the corresponding number or keyword to deactivate the service.
  • Confirm Deactivation: The system may ask for confirmation before deactivating the caller tune service. Follow the instructions provided by the IVR and confirm your decision to deactivate the service. Make sure to listen carefully and provide the required confirmation.
  • Wait for Confirmation: Once you have completed the deactivation process, the IVR system or customer care representative will provide confirmation that the caller tune service has been deactivated. Take note of any reference number or confirmation details provided for future reference.
  • Check Status: To ensure that the caller tune service has been successfully deactivated, you can dial a number from another phone and call your Vodafone postpaid number. If you no longer hear the caller’s tune playing, it indicates that the service has been deactivated.

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