Vodafone Call Conference: Usage & Charges 2023

You might have already seen ads for Vodafone Call Conference. But it doesn’t say much about usage & charges, which I am going to write here. Vodafone Call Conference allows you to talk to a maximum of five people at a time! And also each person you added to the conference can add more than five people! You can use call conference right away, there is no activation required.

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The above image gives you a step-by-step procedure to make a conference call. It might vary a bit for different phones. I have tried this on my Nokia phone & found that once a conference starts you can’t add more people in between. So first call all people whom you want to include in the conference call by keeping all others on hold & then make it conference. For Ex: Follow the exactly same procedure till Step 3 in the image, now you added two persons to your conference. You should not continue to step 4 if you want to add more people. So, before Step 4 add a third person by keeping the other two on hold. The same thing applies if you want to add a fourth person. once you are done with adding all people for your conference, continue to the 4th Step.



Conference Calls will be charged as per your tariff. But if you have any plan with charges for calls is less than 30 paise or if you have free minutes, 30 p/minute will be charged. For Ex: I have a postpaid plan which has 450 free local calls & above that will be charged 40p/minute. Any conference call made within free minutes will be charged 30p/minute & above free minutes will be charged as per my tariff i.e., 40p/minute. It means that you have to pay a minimum of 30p/minute for the conference call. You will also be charged for each call you make & not for conference calls as a whole. Say, you made a call conference with 3 people, and you will be charged for each of them.


Vodafone Call Conference proves to be an indispensable tool for modern businesses, offering a wide range of features that facilitate efficient collaboration and communication. By leveraging this powerful solution, organizations can overcome geographical limitations, enhance productivity, and streamline decision-making processes. With its HD audio and video quality, screen-sharing capabilities, and flexible features, Vodafone Call Conference enables businesses to stay connected and engaged in an increasingly remote and globalized work environment. Embracing this innovative solution, organizations can unlock the full potential of virtual collaboration and propel their success in the digital age.

Overall it’s a great service to have fun with friends & family. It can also be used for business conference calls. Enjoy Conferencing!


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