How to Take off Security Tag From Target at Home

Security tags are commonly used by retailers to protect their merchandise from theft. However, there may be instances where a security tag is accidentally left on a purchased item, or you may have come across a second-hand item with an intact security tag. In this guide, Techbangalore will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to safely remove a security tag from a Target product. Please note that it is essential to handle the tag removal process carefully to prevent any damage to the item or risk of violating any laws. Let’s delve into the details.

What Are Target Security Tags?

Target security tags are devices used by the retail giant Target to protect its merchandise from theft. These security tags are designed to deter potential shoplifters and provide a level of security for the store’s inventory. When an item is purchased, the security tag is typically deactivated or removed at the checkout counter. However, there are instances where security tags may be accidentally left on an item or may be found on second-hand items.

Target security tags come in various types, including:

  • Magnetic Security Tags: These are the most common type of security tags used by Target and many other retailers. Magnetic security tags consist of two components—a tag and a detacher. The tag contains a locking mechanism that is magnetically activated, while the detacher is a specialized device used to remove or deactivate the tag. When properly deactivated, the tag can be easily removed without damaging the item.
  • Ink Security Tags: Ink security tags are another type used by Target. These tags contain a vial of permanent ink that is released if the tag is tampered with or forcibly removed. The ink serves as a deterrent and can stain the item, making it unusable or difficult to sell. Ink security tags require a specific removal process to prevent ink spillage and damage to the product.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Security Tags: Target also utilizes RFID security tags, which are more technologically advanced compared to magnetic or ink tags. RFID tags contain a small microchip that stores information about the product. These tags are typically deactivated or removed at the point of sale using specialized RFID scanners or deactivation devices. RFID technology allows for efficient inventory management and tracking within the store.

It’s worth noting that attempting to remove or tamper with a security tag without proper authorization or the right tools can be illegal and may result in damage to the item or other consequences. If you encounter a Target security tag that needs to be removed, it is recommended to seek assistance from Target’s customer service or the store where the item was purchased to ensure the safe and proper removal of the tag.

How To Remove Target Security Tag?

Magnetic security tags are widely used by retailers, including Target. To remove a magnetic security tag, you will need a strong magnet or a specialized magnetic detacher. In this section, we will guide you through the process of removing a magnetic security tag safely:

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools:

  • A strong magnet (such as a neodymium magnet)
  • A thick piece of fabric or cloth

Step 2: Prepare the item:

  • Lay the item on a flat surface.
  • Cover the area around the security tag with a cloth to prevent any accidental scratching or damage.

Step 3: Locate the locking mechanism:

  • Examine the security tag to identify the locking mechanism. It usually consists of two or three ball bearings inside the tag.

Step 4: Apply the magnet:

  • Hold the magnet against the bottom or the side of the security tag where the locking mechanism is located.
  • Slowly move the magnet around the locking mechanism in a circular or sweeping motion.

Step 5: Remove the security tag:

  • As you move the magnet, you should feel or hear a click when the ball bearings align and release the lock.
  • Once the lock is disengaged, gently pull the tag away from the item.

Removing Ink Security Tags

Ink security tags are designed to release a permanent ink stain if tampered with or improperly removed. To remove an ink security tag, you will need to follow a different approach:

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools:

  • A pair of pliers with a strong grip
  • A piece of thick fabric or cloth

Step 2: Protect the item:

  • Lay the item on a flat surface.
  • Place the cloth over the area surrounding the security tag to prevent any ink stains from reaching the item.

Step 3: Locate the pin:

  • Examine the security tag to locate the pin that holds the two components together.

Step 4: Grip the pin with pliers:

  • Use the pliers to grip the pin firmly.

Step 5: Apply pressure and twist:

  • While holding the pin with the pliers, apply steady pressure and twist the tag in the opposite direction of the pin.

Step 6: Separate the components:

  • As you twist the tag, the pin should release, allowing you to separate the two components of the tag.

Removing RFID Security Tags

RFID security tags are more complex and require a specialized device to deactivate them. Attempting to remove an RFID tag without the proper equipment may damage the item or render the tag useless. Therefore, it is recommended to seek assistance from Target’s customer service or the store where the item was purchased to ensure the safe removal of an RFID security tag.

How Do I Remove Other Security Tags?

If you come across security tags on items that are not from Target or have different types of security mechanisms, the removal process may vary. Here are some general guidelines for removing security tags from other retailers or different types of security tags:

  • Contact the Retailer: If you have purchased an item with a security tag from a retailer other than Target, it is advisable to contact the store or retailer directly. They may provide guidance or offer assistance in removing the security tag. In some cases, they may ask you to bring the item back to the store for tag removal.
  • Seek Professional Help: If you are unable to contact the retailer or need assistance with a security tag removal, consider seeking professional help. Some specialized services or locksmiths may offer tag removal services. They have the expertise and tools necessary to safely remove security tags without damaging the item.
  • Magnetic Security Tags: For magnetic security tags that are not from Target, a similar approach as mentioned earlier can be attempted. Use a strong magnet or a magnetic detacher to locate and disengage the locking mechanism. Gently move the magnet around the tag to release the lock, and then remove the tag from the item. Remember to take precautions to avoid scratching or damaging the item during the process.
  • Ink Security Tags: Ink security tags typically contain a vial of permanent ink that can stain the item if tampered with. If you encounter an ink security tag, it is best to avoid removing it yourself to prevent ink spillage. Contact the retailer or seek professional help for safe removal to prevent any damage or potential staining.
  • Other Types of Security Tags: There are various other types of security tags used by retailers, including cable locks, bottle cap tags, and spider wrap tags, among others. These tags often require specific tools or techniques for removal. It is recommended to consult the retailer or a professional for assistance in removing these specialized security tags to avoid damaging the item.

It is important to note that attempting to remove security tags without proper authorization or knowledge may be illegal and can lead to consequences. Always exercise caution and consider seeking assistance from the retailer or professionals to ensure the safe removal of security tags.



Removing a security tag from a Target product can be done safely with the right knowledge and tools. Always exercise caution and follow the appropriate method based on the type of security tag used. Remember, it’s crucial to avoid damaging the item and comply with the law when dealing with security tags. If you are uncertain about the removal process or encounter any difficulties, it is best to seek assistance from professionals or the retailer directly.


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