Big Flix: Get movie DVDs delivered to your doorsteps for rent

Getting a movie DVD for rent is never been easy. You might not get the movie you wanted from the CD shop next to your home. Sometimes you end up with a low-quality DVD/VCD or even badly scratched discs that don’t play properly. Or you even might feel guilty for supporting piracy.

Here is a solution to all those problems. With BigFlix you can browse through a wider range of movies available for rent. You can queue the movies you want. DVD/VCD will be delivered to your doorsteps within a day for no extra charge! You can keep that disc for as many days as you want! When you get bored of it, you can ask them to come and collect it back!

Though everything can be done online, they also have real stores in many locations. You can even walk into any one of their stores to collect or return DVDs. There are many plans to choose from, starting from Rs.250/month.

dvd rental bangalore

Though BIG Flix looks like a great service, SeventyMM started the same service a long time back. Plans of SeventyMM also look better than Big Flix. So, there’s not much difference in these websites, you can pick whichever you think is a good one. Do share your comments on which one is better if you have used anyone.

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